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Freedom From Active Addiction!
    Welcome to Summer House, the liberal and compassionate in-patient substance abuse center. Our mission is to make the detoxification process comfortable for you! We accomplish this by giving you a strong liquid narcotic cocktail in reducing doses every four hours during your stay in a controlled environment until you are clean. Our staff feels that any addict or alcoholic in need of medical detox has certainly suffered enough. WE WILL MAKE YOU COMFORTABLE!  We know the horrors of delirium tremens and withdrawal symptoms and what it is to really suffer... We've all been there!  No addict or alcoholic need suffer in the strict confines of a generic drug treatment institution where your identity is reduced to a mere number.

Drug Detox Center

    At Summer House we believe that each individual is unique.  We allow people to be themselves and at no time do we judge them or become critical. We keep our patient's dignity intact by not letting them become sick from withdrawal. We have a very relaxed ambience where we give potent medication every four hours to make detox as gentle as can be.  Our facility is reminiscent of a home away from home where you can safely and comfortably begin the process of becoming sober.  You will not experience the cold turkey detox feeling while with us.  You will know that you are getting well because you will sleep nicely and eat delicious meals and that indescribably horrible dope sick feeling will be absent. You will also have the opportunity to engage with our counselors and dynamic team of recovering staff in a refreshing non-confrontational manner. This is where many people taste their first glimmer of hope. When not resting, eating, or engaging your recovery, you will have the freedom to use your laptop computer via our wifi internet system, or watch DVD's on our entertainment system while you relax in our home-styled environment.  We know from our own bitter experience that addicts have suffered enough out there and we want to make the option of getting clean as appealing as possible.
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Prescriptions for drugs used as part of the therapeutic process are based on a face-to-face medical consultation by staff physicians.